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Live Q&A with Issara

live q&a Jul 23, 2020

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Hi, in this one hour live Q&A I answer over 40 questions from designers about motion and product design. 

And, as usual, I found a new and exciting way to totally screw up the Zoom recording. So the audio and content is good but the video of my face is small, which is probably for the best. 

Here's what I talked about

0:43 Introduction

3:50 How to explore motion unique to your brand?

5:38 Where to find jobs that are more motion-centric?

7:20 Can you help me with career opportunity?

7:33 Where can animator fit in the team?

9:15 How to sell motion to stakeholders

10:15 Motion design system, classification of animation, standards and guidelines

14:38 Can you enter the UX field if you are self taught?

15:45 Standards for animating elements on screen. 4 important easing standards

20:35 Live mock ups for tips and tricks

21:17 How to document motion

22:31 How to improve handoff to the developers

23:35 When is it an advantage to use AE over other tools where you can also show interactivity? Learning UX

25:33 Different categories of UI Animations

26:16 How to best build pieces for engineers handoff? 

29:38 Career advice during Covid

31:16 What’s the best way to hand off your design? You gotta be able to engage with devs, create partnership with the beginning.

32:20 Installing questions Bodymovin After Effects plugin

39:20 Is there a plugin that converts AE to HTML or CSS?

41:16 Salary expectation after taking UX in Motion courses

42:22 Building an interaction template library

43:12 Will AE ever support interactivity? 

44:41 Animation for gaming enviro

45:15 Motion background to UX

46:09 Building a portfolio for UX/UI animation

49:20 What types of projects to include in portfolio

50:45 Is it true that devs hate animation if you get too creative?

51:10 Is it good to design long animation like I see on Dribbble?

52:45 User testing

56:10 The most used software

57:45 How would UX design help towards community management, twitch\youtube streaming, and marketing? 

58:40 Going from Illustrator to After Effects using Overlord

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