How to Create a 3D Instagram Cube Transition in After Effects

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In this tutorial you're going to learn how to create a cool 3D cube transition in After Effects.

Most people don't realize how insanely easy it is to create something visually quite stunning in After Effects.

While 3D cube transitions aren't totally common, they are cool, and once you get the feel of how simple 3D works in After Effects, you'll be stoked. You can download the source files and follow along here:

Click here to download the project assets and follow along.

Here are the steps:

  1. Import the design file
  2. Turn the layers 3D
  3. Move and rotate the right side of the 'cube'
  4. Create a null
  5. Move the null position in 3D space to the volumetric center of the 'cube'
  6. Parent the two layers to your null
  7. Drop a couple y axis keyframes on that sucka
  8. Ease those curves with the graph editor
  9. Drop a parallax light on, and enjoy!

Here is the 3D version with handles in After Effects


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