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Use UI Animation to... Beef up your portfolio. Spice up your Dribbble shots. Get more clients. Raise your rate. Take more ownership on your projects. Blow away stakeholders. Be a design rockstar. 

After Effects courses for UX/UI & Product Designers. No experience necessary. 

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Supercharge your design career and portfolio by becoming UI Animation Certified

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UI Animation Fundamentals

UI Animation Fundamentals is the perfect introduction to UI Animation with Adobe After Effects. Make your portfolio stand out with motion. Create polished, professional animations from your design files from Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD, Photoshop, or Illustrator.

✓ Master the UX/UI prototyping workflow in After Effects
✓ Learn how to animate screen transitions
✓ Learn how to animate gesture based interactions
✓ Learn how to animate page builds
✓ Learn how to create smooth, polished animation

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Create jaw dropping Micro-interactions for your design portfolio using Adobe After Effects. All project based lessons are based on real world Micro-interaction examples. Learn parenting, working with layer styles, 3D, expressions, typing effects, timing, and more.

✓ Learn how to create button shape transformations
✓ Learn how to animate floating action buttons
✓ Learn 3D UI transitions
✓ Learn UI choreography and sequencing
✓ Learn seamless menu transitions

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UI Animation Motion Standards

Learn how to create motion design systems to standardize your UI motion across your brand and product. You will also learn how to design motion for handoff to engineers in iOS and Android. Finally, you will learn how to use industry standard durations and easings, allowing you to create consistent, higher quality work in less than half the time.

✓ Learn how to create motion standards for your product
✓ Learn how to design motion for handoff to engineers
✓ Learn how to sync durations and easing with your team
✓ Plug and play templates for industry standard durations
✓ Master the 4 different easing systems used by engineers

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Dashboard Animations

Learn how to make your data and dashboards come alive for your users using Adobe After Effects. Learn how to animate graph shapes and colors, numbers, line graphs, radial graphs, odometer numbers, and more.

✓ Learn how to animate graph bars, charts, and shapes
✓ Learn how to animate radial graphs
✓ Learn how to animate transitions between data states
✓ Learn how to animate drawing lines
✓ Learn how to handoff animations to engineers

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Augmented Reality

Learn how to completely blow people away by creating stunning Augmented Reality UI animations from your video video footage and your UX/UI design source files.

✓ Learn to place your UX/UI designs into moving video
✓ Learn how to stick your design to any surface in your video
✓ Learn how to create a 3D camera from your video footage
✓ Learn how to track your video footage in 2D and 3D
✓ Learn how to create depth of field to match your video

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Rapid Prototyping

This comprehensive UI Animation course gives you all the tools you’ll need to master UI animation for your client, project, or portfolio. All tutorials are based on real world projects, apps and industry standard UX workflows.

✓ Master the UI animation workflow
✓ Develop the confidence to turn your designs into animation
✓ Learn how to create smooth gestural animation
✓ Learn how to create engineer friendly animation
✓ Master 3D UI transitions with lights and cameras

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Creating Usability with Motion

In the Creating Usability with Motion online course, you will acquire immediately applicable tools and skills for ideating, analyzing and presenting motion and usability concepts in your projects. In this course, you will develop a powerful context for understanding the value of motion – including how to use motion to solve design challenges, minimize the impact of context switching, and manage cognitive load.

✓ Expand your CX/UX solution space
✓ Acquire new design vocabulary for ideation and presentation of motion
✓ Synergize collaboration between stakeholders, designers, and engineers
✓ Effectively communicate the value of motion
✓ Accelerate timelines and conserve budget with paper prototyping

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UI Animation Certification Course

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