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Rapid learning After Effects courses just for UX/UI & Product designers. No animation experience necessary. 

UI Animation Fundamentals

UI Animation Fundamentals is the perfect introduction to UI Animation with Adobe After Effects. Create polished, professional animations from your design files ...

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Learn how to create jaw dropping micro-interactions from your design source files using Adobe After Effects. All tutorials are based on top trending micro-interaction animations on Dribbble ...

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Perfect Timing

Learn how to build your UI animation transitions for iOS and Android, so that your engineers can faithfully recreate your animations. Completely remove the guesswork from your UI animation...

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Dashboard Animations

Learn how to make your data and dashboards come alive for your users using Adobe After Effects. Learn how to animate graph shapes and colors, numbers, line graphs, radial graphs, odometer numbers, and more. 

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Augmented Reality

Create stunning Augmented Reality UI animations by combining video footage with your design source files using Adobe After Effects. Learn how to track objects in your footage with planar and 3D trackers, add your graphics to a scene, add your UI design to a device in a shot, use ‘in camera’ depth of field, how to do a quick composite, and color grade your footage using a beautiful ‘split tone’ effect for final presentation.

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Rapid Prototyping

This comprehensive UI Animation course gives you all the tools you’ll need to turn your UX/UI projects (Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, and Adobe XD) into high fidelity UI animations for your client, presentation, or portfolio. All tutorials are based on real world projects, apps and industry standard UX workflows.

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Screen Replacement Mastery

Learn how to create cinema quality rotoscoping and compositing of UI animation into video. Learn how to shoot and analyze your footage, track, rotoscope out hands, and create filmic quality composites while maintaining reflections, color, and depth of field.

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Creating Usability with Motion

Learn the basics of mental models and how they can be leveraged into design solutions using the 'motion innovation flywheel,' a multidisciplinary approach to delivering high value motion in your products. 

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Motion Sketching

Learn how to use rapid short-hand drawing of mental model based motion concepts. By aiming for 'high fidelity' ideation, the sketches can be leveraged directly into the prototyping process.

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16 Step Innovation Framework

Learn the top 16 design innovation mindsets and tactics used by high performance designers at leading agencies and companies.

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1-on-1 UI Animation Coaching

Level up FAST with your newest secret weapon: me. I will work with you do turn you into a UI animation master. 3 month commitment. 

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