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UI Animation After Effects courses for UX/UI & Product Designers

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"What a great course! I wouldn't even thought about applying some of the AE tools to achieve such a great result. Highly recommend this course if you're looking for a new, easy and great way of presenting your product (UI demonstration). Tips and tricks from this course will definitely put your presentation on the next level and set you aside from a lot of experienced AE users. I also appreciate high attention to details, good graphic design and materials provided for the course."

– Elizaveta, Digital Experience Designer, at Ford, Michigan

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"I have been a student of Issara’s UX in Motion lessons for a couple of year now, and can say he is dedicated to providing helpful, easy to follow tutorials for “real world” needs. I highly recommend his classes to anybody looking to animate UX/UI prototypes. His generosity with freebie hints and tricks is also great!"

– Jack Salvador, Jack Salvador Design

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"Issara's tutorials are a breeze for anyone who wants to have legitimate understanding of UX in motion using Adobe After effects, Adobe illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The tutorials harps on making concepts simpler and easier for making animated high fidelity mock ups using Adobe After effects. I would definitely recommend his tutorials to those who wants to get their hands on animated mockups and explore career opportunities."

– Himanshu Sharma, UI/UX Designer, India

👨🏾‍🎓 Designer who purchased the 6 course bundle

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UI Animation Fast Start

This 2 hour video course has been created for UX/UI & Product Designers who want to learn how to quickly turn their designs into UI animation with After Effects. Turn your Sketch, Adobe XD, Illustrator, or Photoshop files into polished UI animation in After Effects. No experience necessary. Take the course now for FREE!

📚 3 Modules 🍿 8 Lessons ⏱ 2 hours

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"As a UI designer, I work with charts and dashboard almost every single day. This course from Issara has helped me to level up my infographics design from static to motion and has enabled me to communicate much better with the developers how I want my charts and dashboard to animate. Issara's teaching style is also way cooler than most of the teachers out there. His instructions is clear and straight to the point. If you are a UI designer who is looking to add some motion spice to your design then this course is definitely for you."

– Quoc, Senior UX/UI Designer at Texo Design, Australia

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"An assignment came up at work that required using After effects and it needed to be done quick. I'd used AE like 6 years ago for VFX but man, I was so rusty I barely remembered how to import files properly. I didn't know where the tools were and scrubbing Youtube forrandom tutorials drove me nuts and wasted a lot of time. Along the line somewhere I bumped into the Rapid Prototyping Tutorial, and after watching a the 2 free videos, it was so clear I needed to get the full package. Issara really broke each step down and made it super easy to navigate AE. He went through how to prep for files for animation, to creating an efficient workspace for prototyping. to creating animations specific to UX. Ive watched a lot of AE tutorials - A LOT! This one in my opinion is the best value for money - its clear, its quick, it caters to UX Designers new to animation and it had me grooving through After Effects after a few hours. Oh.. yeah .. that project, I delivered like a BOSS."

– Jibola, UX Designer at XapCard Inc., Toronto

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"This course is absolutely the best resource I've ever found for using After Effects in UI Design. Issara is a great teacher who quickly gets to the point and helps you know how to navigate the overwhelming AE interface with ease. This course is a great way to start adding motion into your workflow, and it has made an invaluable addition to my skillset."

– Walker, Senior UI Designer at EP+Co, South Carolina

👨‍🎓 Designer who purchased the Rapid Prototyping course

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