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The top benefits of a Motion Design System

Motion is a powerful opportunity to leverage your existing work and bring your product to life for users, your design team, and your core business.

Build user trust

Studies show that users respond well to a high fidelity and polished customer experience.

Scale your product

Give your design team the building blocks to rapidly build and launch new features.

Attract investors

Give your product the extra delight it needs to wow prospective investors.

Use Motion to enhance your CX

It's  easy to make your product look good. We make your product FEEL good.

Reduce cognitive load

Use Motion to simplify transitions between tasks.

Hide latency

Use Motion to keep users engaged during loading sequences.

Guide user attention

Use Motion to keep the user focused in the task domain.

Gesture confirmation

Use Motion to give customers the feedback they need to make correct decisions.

Streamline navigation

Use Motion to ensure ease of use and keep users engaged.

A good Motion Design System makes a great Customer Experience

βœ…  Ease of use

βœ…  Task success rate

βœ…  Delight

βœ…  Keeping users oriented during context switching

βœ…  Help users stay in the task domain rather than the interface domain

βœ…  Flow state

βœ…  Trust rating

βœ…  Minimize confusion and frustration

βœ…  Speed of use

βœ…  Ways to combine interaction and perception

βœ…  Confusion moments

βœ…  Form completion

βœ…  List to detail transitions

βœ…  Feedback

βœ…  Recollection of key interface elements

βœ…  Task prioritization

Our design process

After having worked on countless design systems, we've found a process that will meet your core project needs. 

Phase 1: Discover

In this kickoff phase, we deep dive into your product needs, objectives, establish POCs, and collate existing assets. 

Phase 2: Audit

Our Audit consists of analyzing every screen in your product with regards for motion opportunities.

Phase 3: Design

We leverage the Audit results into high fidelity Motion prototype renders.

Phase 4: Spec

We turn the high fidelity Motion into 'ready to build' assets for your engineers to deploy and ship.

Phase 5: Handoff

We coordinate and work with your engineering team to ensure a friction free handoff for speed of implementation.

Our Motion Standards include the following

We understand that every product and every project is unique. Contact us for a custom quote based on your product needs.

Tier 1

  • Full Motion Audit
  • Custom Durations
  • Custom Easings
  • High fidelity Motion renders
  • Motion Spec
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Tier 2

  • Full Motion Audit
  • Custom Motion Principles
  • Custom Durations
  • Custom Easings
  • Motion Pattern Library
  • High fidelity Motion renders
  • Motion Spec
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Tier 3

  • Full Motion Audit
  • Custom Motion Principles
  • Custom Durations
  • Custom Easings
  • Motion Pattern Library
  • High fidelity Motion renders
  • Component Motion Library
  • Motion Spec
  • Motion Tokens
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Two of the leading experts in custom Motion Design Systems

Issara Willenskomer

Issara Willenskomer is an award-winning UX Motion designer and educator. With over 15 years of product and Motion UX experience, his portfolio includes Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Nordstrom, Amazon, HBO, MTV, AT&T, Motorola, T-Mobile, UNAIDS, HTC, Philips, and more. 

As one of the leading experts on motion for products and design systems, Issara has influenced the conversation around motion, and reached hundreds of thousands of designers, through his articles, videos, workshops, and courses.  

Issara has consulted on, and led motion design system initiatives, most recently for Oracle and Lucid Motors.

Ali Said

Ali Said is a UX Motion Systems expert. He has worked on motion design systems initiatives at companies like Google, Linkedin, Intuit, BMW, Intuitive Surgical, and more. 

Ali has given talks about UX motion systems, provided mentorships to designers, and now provides UX motion design systems to clients throughout the technology industry. 

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