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How to sell motion to stakeholders

motion stakeholders Jul 22, 2020

How to sell motion to stakeholders

Here's a fact: if you are unable to convincingly make a case for motion and explain every detail of your choice in terms of how your animation adds value to the user, the product, and the business, you won't get hired for that UX job. 

Click here to download the project assets and follow along.

Making a case for motion

Hiring managers are looking for more than technical skills. They're looking for your ability to 'get it.' 

It won't matter how visually amazing your work is. Believe me, I've been talking to hiring managers, and I'm just reporting on what they're telling me. 

And if you're on a team already, unless you can present your motion in a way that connects to stakeholders, you can look forward to hearing 'no' a lot. 

Download and print this presentation script PDF. Use it the next time you need to pitch your motion idea.

Becoming that rockstar on your team

Remember, not everything in this script will make sense for your project.

The core idea is that you want to present your motion that speaks to the value to the user, the product, and the business. 

Stakeholders care little for the mechanics of how your animation will work. They want to know the resources required, why you're recommending what you are recomending, and how this makes sense from a project management standpoint. 

If you can do this, you will be a rockster!

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