Announcing 2 new UI animation course bundles (save big)

Based on feedback I've received from my customers, I'm announcing the creation of 2 new UI animation course bundles.

Micro-interactions & Dashboard Animations bundle

Micro-interactions & Dashboard Animations bundleThere here are a LOT of designers who have picked up my most popular UI animation course (UI Animation Fundamentals). You now have the option of picking up my next two most popular courses: Micro-interactions and Dashboard Animations. And saving 30% on both. 

With the Micro-interactions course, you learn working with vector shape layers, as well as 3D, how to time your projects, and those gorgeous details that make products great. 

With the Dashboard Animations course, you learn how to animate data and infographics like a boss. You go deep with vector shape layers and timing, number counting, and more.

Both these course are now in one bundle that you can grab here: and save 30% on both UI animation courses. 

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Augmented Reality & Screen Replacement & Dashboard Animations bundle

Augmented Reality & Screen Replacement & Dashboard Animations bundleThis bundle is really cool. If you want to learn how to work with video footage, perform photo real composites, learn the 3D camera tracker, and then animate and composite some super slick infographics, you can do ALL this with these 3 courses.

For some reason, I had never bundled these courses together, even though I've performed all these workflows multiple times in my client projects. So this bundle just makes a lot of sense. And you'll save 35% by buying all 3 courses. 

The Screen Replacement course is a very special course. I hired my friend Charlie Bartlett to teach it. He is one of the top folks in the business. He specializes in Hollywood quality screen replacement and compositing. Plus he's an amazing teacher. Seriously, the guy loves to teach. You'll love his style. 

You've also seen his work in major commercial projects. Check out the course page to see examples of projects Charlie has worked on. The Screen Replacement course focuses on Mocha AE (a powerful planer tracking tool) which comes bundled with After Effects (most people don't know this), as well as how to create photo real compositing. 

In The Augmented Reality course you learn how to use the After Effects 3D camera tracker, as well as the 2D tracker for putting your designs into real world footage. 

This course is a must if you want to learn how to create high end vision videos. 

I mentioned the Dashboard Animations course above.

Augmented Reality & Screen Replacement & Dashboard Animations bundle

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