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How to package your UI animation project files in After Effects

after effects Apr 10, 2019

Click here to download the source files and follow along

This week’s tutorial is a simple and super helpful thing to know.

Sometimes you need to take all your linked UI animation files, copy them into a single location, and have all the links update in your After Effects project file.

This would happen if you need to just clean up a messy project or share project files with your team, or archive your work.

If you’re coming into After Effects from Sketch or Adobe XD, your image files may be in some weird folder, so this would help clean things up.

Here’s what you do –

  1. Click File > Dependencies > Collect Files…
  2. Save a new project name
  3. Select the location for all the copied files

You can also click here and watch my face explain it to you.

Like I said, super simple and good to know.

Happy prototyping,


PS if you have a current project and need to learn UI animation fast, I’ve put together some ‘rapid learning’ UI animation courses. You can check them out here.

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