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How to jelly your stroke in After Effects

after effects Mar 24, 2020

How to jelly your stroke in After Effects

In this tutorial,I show you step by step how to jelly your stroke in After Effects.

This tutorial is an improvement over a previous tutorial wherein I show you how to quickly and awesomely create the ‘jelly’ UI effect, where blobs form from other blobs. In this tutorial, I show you a better way to make it happen, as well as a way to apply this to just a stroke. This technique avoids pre-comps, and is extremely versatile and powerful. Check it out!

The steps I will be covering include:

1. Import assets
2. Create shape layer with circle
3. Apply the ‘blur’ and ‘matte choker’ effect
4. Duplicate the shape inside the layer (not the shape layer itself)
5. Animate your layers
6. Duplicate the shape layer itself
7. Make that new layer a track matte
8. Apply layer style stroke

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