How to Create Augmented Reality in After Effects

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Tutorial description

Augmented Reality is Augmented Reality is such a cool effect. It makes your portfolio look red hot, gives you an advantage over other designers, and blows away stakeholders, clients and team members. 

There are fundamentally two kinds of Augmented Reality projects. There are those involving true 3D camera solves, and those involve planer trackers, like Mocha. 

In this tutorial, you'll be learning the easiest and most impressive technique of using a planer tracker to add your AR graphics to your footage. 

For your own personal project, you can film this on your phone. 

In this tutorial, you are going to learn professional best practices for shooting and creating an Augmented Reality video in After Effects. 

Click here to download the project assets and follow along.

Project steps

  1. Import video reference
  2. Analyze video and place markers
  3. Track video using Mocha AE
  4. Import screens design
  5. Apply track to screens as a pre-composition 
  6. Animate screens using timing markers as guides

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