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How to Convert Your Sketch Design to After Effects

after effects Mar 24, 2020

UPDATE: this workflow can definitely get the job done. However, there is a newer more friction-free workflow that I blogged about using a free plugin called AEUX. Hence, you can now learn The absolute best way to get your Sketch file into After Effects

In this tutorial video, you are going to learn how to convert your Sketch design to After Effects. You will also learn how to create a layered PSD with editable text from your Sketch design. This is super awesome because you will avoid needing to recreate your text.

Sketch is an amazing UI design and prototyping tool but is extremely limited in the ability to design animation and transitions. This is where After Effects comes in. After Effects is the #1 UI Animation tool of choice.

I’ve worked out a simple process of how to convert your Sketch design over to After Effects. Illustrator serves as a bridge between your Sketch design and After Effects.

The steps I will be covering include:

1. Export your file from Sketch

2. Open your file in Illustrator

3. Release all elements to layers in Illustrator

4. Clean up the file

5. Export your file to After Effects

6. As an option to have your text be live in After Effects, you will export a Photoshop file instead of saving your Illustrator file.

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