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Free frames to milliseconds converter for After Effects

after effects Aug 12, 2018

Download the 'frames to milliseconds' After Effects source file for free

Hey, I wanted to share my super nifty and awesome ‘frames to milliseconds’ converter widget that I made for After Effects.

Why did I create this?

When delivering UX projects that you make in After Effects, you often need to convert from frames to milliseconds. The timecode display in AE does not display milliseconds, which is annoying.

Additionally, I tend to work primarily in frames.

Here’s how this works. First, click the link to download the ‘frames to milliseconds AE project file. Then, import this file into your project.


In case you did not know this, After Effects lets you import other .aep project files into your project. This is an insanely cool feature.

Keep in mind that it essentially creates a new project file and any changes you make do not affect the original file.

This widget is just a simple AE project that you import and drop in as a layer in your project. I created 3 frame rate presets: 24, 30, and 60. I work at 60fps because it is more fluid and I think it looks better. But feel free to use the other two presets as well.

The important thing is to use the preset that corresponds to your frame rate. To view your frame rate, hit ‘command + k’ or ‘view composition settings.’ Once you verify your frame rate, simply drag the appropriate composition on to your composition. It will show up as a layer and will display the accurate frames and milliseconds wherever your playback head is located. Enjoy!

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