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Learn Issara's top 4 After Effects LottieFiles forehead slapping animation tricks that even advanced animators don’t know about!


… Plus his top 12 After Effects LottieFiles keyboard shortcuts to double your speed!

Download AE Project Assets and Keyboard Shortcuts PDF

1. How to create a radial burst using the Repeater tool

In this video you’re going to learn how to create truly epic radial animations using the Repeater tool. This feature is fully customizable and supported by the Lottie library.

Make sure to watch this tutorial closely. I actually struggled with this at first because there are a couple weird UX things about how this works.

The good news is that once you understand the basics, you can do a virtually unlimited number of amazing effects and animations using this tool.


2. How to use the Sequence Layers command to stagger your keyframes with one click

Staggering your layers and keyframes is how you animate and coregograph screen builds and all kinds of animations that build on.

We’re all used to sliding our layers and keyframes around. This is fine when you’re dealing with simple projects. But it gets tedious when dealing with large numbers of layers and keyframes.

Use this little known technique to sequence all your layers with just one click. The best part is you can keep iterating until you get the perfect timing.


3. A mind blowing way to easily change the position of all your keyframes on the timeline at once

When someone showed me this technique a few years ago it blew my mind. Not only is it easy to use but it will forever change how you animate multiple keyframes.

This is a built in After Effects feature that lets you essentially scale the duration of all your keyframes at once with a simple click and drag.



4. How to use a little known hack to resize your composition for small icon animations so you can focus on the details without the distracting jagged edges

If you’ve ever worked on icons that are 100% of your final deliverable, you know how annoying it is that After Effects only displays jagged edges when you zoom in over 100%. If your icon is only 60px that means to work on it, you need to zoom in like 1200x which makes it look horrible.

Most animators use a well known trick to parent layers and manually scale your composition. I actually did this for years as well, until someone showed me this amazing trick that will blow your mind.

This feature has been in After Effects for years but most animators never saw it. It lets you scale your composition with one click. This means you can scale up to work and have it look great, and then when you’re done, you can scale it back down again for delivery.


5. My top 12 After Effects LottieFiles keyboard shortcuts to double your speed and look like a rockstar

I tell this to everyone I teach: After Effects is punishing if you don’t learn a few basic keyboard shortcuts.

Even if you don’t like keyboard shortcuts, learning these 12 will change your life. You’ll be able to get more ‘in the zone’ when you work, and not be distracted by all the tiny decisions you need to make in order to use the interface.

I walk you through all these and show you how to use them and why they’re great.


Download AE Project Assets and Keyboard Shortcuts PDF