Creating Usability with Motion


Friday, September 25, 2020 | 10 AM – 2 PM PST


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Get Noticed, Step-Up Your Game, And Become Invaluable

To excel in the market, you need to speak to the value of motion in product design and have a portfolio that steals the show. In our workshop, you will learn how to have motion and product design skills that will enhance your baseline knowledge.

You will be able to speak to the value that motion brings to

  1. The User
  2. The Product
  3. The Business

In this 1/2 day live workshop you will learn immediately applicable real-world best practices that resonate with stakeholders and hiring managers.   

  • How to make a rock solid case for motion in your portfolio and presentations
  • How to present motion that is an easy yes for stakeholders and hiring managers
  • How to ideate high value motion concepts using paper prototyping 
  • How to build a motion reference library and leverage animations made by other people into your presentations
  • How to use motion standards and remove the guesswork from 'perfect timing' 
Due to the personal 1-on-1 interactions of the workshop, seating is limited. 

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Enhance your Design Skills to Lead your Team and become Visible to Leaders

From this essay, I developed a framework that was so cutting-edge and effective that corporate teams have been hiring me to teach it to their design teams.

Companies including Dropbox, Slack, Oracle, Salesforce, Airbnb, Kayak, Capital One all engaged with the Essary “Creating Usability with Motion: The UX in Motion Manifesto”. I developed a framework that was so cutting-edge and effective that corporate teams have been hiring me to teach it to their design teams.

You can learn how to incorporate these lessons and more, during this live “Creating Usability with Motion” workshop with me.



Issara knows what he is talking about and is tremendously experienced/read in motion. He helped us develop a language and an eye for good motion vs bad. I think we should be able to take off after the workshop!!

Rhythm, UX Designer, Lutron, Coopersburg, PA


This workshop offers you a chance to quickly learn and discuss high level usability and motion examples in an open format. Wishing I could do this workshop weekly with my entire team.


Andre, Visual Designer, Bank of America, Oakland


Very helpful in allowing me to ‘see’ motion. Before this workshop I glazed over the motion or saw it more as a delight element. Now I have the language and awareness to analyze motion effectiveness and the understanding to start designing supportive motion for UX.

Cura, UX Designer, Cisco, San Jose

How to position the unique value gained from this workshop with your product manager, hiring manager and stakeholders?

Share these workshop outcomes and skills acquired

Expand CX solution space

Begin using motion as a problem solving tool to support mental models and manage cognitive load in users, while validating motion ideas through a usability framework geared to add tangible value to your product.

Acquire new design vocabulary for ideation and presentation of motion

Learn how to quickly ideate motion using affordances and signifiers while utilizing a shared linguistic framework to quickly pinpoint and solve UX challenges through motion based solutions. 

Synergize collaboration between stakeholders, designers, and engineers

Meet core strategic product development objectives and minimize friction by aligning all parties through versatile low impact ideation and analytical conversation based tools.

Effectively communicate the value of motion

Learn an ROI and metrics based approach to clearly communicate the value of motion, in the language that stakeholders understand. 

Accelerate timelines and conserve budget with paper prototyping

Downscale your reliance on engineers by shifting motion leadership back to designers and engaging in high ROI activities to quickly and effectively communicate concepts and vet ideas.

Issara has trained the Design Teams at...

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Who is Issara?

Issara Willenskomer is an award-winning designer and educator. With over 15 years of interaction and motion design experience, Issara has collected an impressive list of clients including Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Nordstrom, Amazon, HBO, MTV, AT&T, Motorola, T-Mobile, UNAIDS, HTC, Philips, and more.

He currently teaches motion innovation both online and in the real world. He has trained the design teams at Dropbox, Slack, Airbnb, Oracle, Salesforce, Capitol One, King, Artefact, and more. Thousands of UX/UI & Product Designers as well as motion graphics experts have taken his online courses.

Due to the personal 1-on-1 interactions of the workshop, seating is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

The workshop is held live over Zoom. There will be breakout rooms and live exercises where you will be collaborating and presenting with other participants. 

This workshop does not use any software of any kind. The reason is because we are focusing on frameworks and principles that can be applied to any motion prototyping software of choice. If you are interested learning After Effects to create stunning UI Animation portfolio pieces, you can email me here

After you register for the workshop, you will receive an email from me with the complete workshop curriculum and exercises, as well as a link to download all the motion reference videos locally.

All you will need are pens, pencils, and a charged phone (to look at app examples)

You can email me before the workshop and request to be in a breakout room made of you and your team members. 

Yes I'm working on that. The workshop will be geared around creating stunning UI animation pieces the you can leverage in your portfolio to land a high paying tech job.

Some of the workshop outcomes include: 

  • From 0 to pro in After Effects
  • Learn how to create Lottie files from your designs
  • Learn motion standards
  • Most common UI Animation techniques to create stunning portfolio pieces

You can email me here for more info about the next workshop.


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