$997 (save $207 USD)

Add monthly personal AE UI animation coaching from Issara
This is a monthly live coaching program for teams and individuals looking to level up FAST. This is the fastest way to become a rockstar on your team.
I will personally work with you to solve your challenges, help you develop an eye for craftsmanship and detail, strategize on project workflows, and help you identify challenges and opportunities in your projects.
Together, we will get you quickly and confidently creating high impact professional UI animation projects for your team, stakeholders, portfolio, or client. 3 month minimum commitment.
This is based on application only.
I accept only a limited number of applicants.

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Ultimate UI Animation Package

For the designer ready to completely master UI animation. 

Courses included –

✅ UI Animation Fundamentals [Value $59]

✅ Micro-interactions [Value $99]

✅ Infographics and Dashboard Animations [Value $99]

✅ Augmented Reality [Value $99]

✅ Screen Replacement Mastery [Value $149]

✅ Rapid Prototyping with Adobe After Effects [Value $699]

✅ Perfect Timing [Value $57]

✅ The 16 Step Innovation Framework [Value $59]

Total value: $1,320

“I’m just excited that someone in our industry has taken the initiative to put together After Effects training that is catered towards UX/UI designers. Motion is becoming such an important part of designing and communicating my work, and I have found it incredibly difficult to find resources online to learn the tool.”

– Dickson Fong Design Lead at Search at Google, San Francisco