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Motion Design in Digital Products online course

Learn how to crush it in every meeting by speaking the language of stakeholders, developing your own 'motion innovation flywheel' through tactical ideation and analysis frameworks, and connecting your motion innovation ideas to the mind of users with mental models. 

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About this course

I’ve been developing the content for you for over the past year while I’ve been teaching it. 

Look, I’ve taught this private workshop to hundreds of designers and design teams at places like DropBox, Slack, Salesforce, Kayak, and more. 

During the few public classes that I only teach in San Francisco, I’ve had designers from Cisco, Amazon, Bank of America, Green Leaf, Shopify and more attend. 

Each class, I take notes, interview participants, and re-package everything I’ve learned into the next workshop. Each time I do the workshop it gets better. 

The last workshop I gave was to DropBox and it was the best workshop I’ve given in terms of feedback and ratings. 

Because I’ve seen how effective this workshop is with designers who want to get started working with motion, or have even been using motion for a while, I wanted to open this up to a wider audience. 

I know the results. I’ve seen the data. I know you can do this. 

That’s why I’m turning my workshop into an online course. I want you to join me as I develop the rest of the material and expand it from what I can only offer during a single day.

I’m only offering this for 72 hours. I’m only letting in 25 designers. I hope one of those designers is you.

"★★★★★ The UX in Motion training established a solid foundation for our Designers and left us with valuable tools and tactics that will allow us to integrate motion as a prototyping tool in our practice, which will ultimately allow us to produce more tangible, evocative work for our clients."

John Rousseau
Executive Creative Director, frog, Seattle

"★★★★★ Very helpful in allowing me to ‘see’ motion. Before this workshop I glazed over the motion or saw it more as a delight element. Now I have the language and awareness to analyze motion effectiveness and the understanding to start designing supportive motion for UX."

UX Designer, Cisco, San Jose

"★★★★★ This workshop offers you a chance to quickly learn and discuss high level usability and motion examples in an open format. Wishing I could do this workshop weekly with my entire team."

Visual Designer, Bank of America, Oakland

Bonus #1: Perfect timing

Learn how to create perfectly timed motion when you go to build it in a prototyping tool. Take the guesswork out of timing, velocity curves and easing. 

Motion Design in Digital Products online course

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